Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies occur as a result of a sudden impact to the teeth; an accident from a car crash, sporting accident, a spill off a bicycle ,etc..They affect children ,adolescents and adults. Between the accident and the visit to the dentist, some measures can be taken to relieve pain and limit damage.

Extruded tooth: A knocked out tooth can be reimplanted:

  • Gently place the tooth back into the socket, ie the cavity of the tooth, and apply ice to the affected area.
  • Keep the tooth moist and place between your gums and cheek or put it in a small container of cold milk. Immediately seek dental appointment.
  • Make an emergency appointment at the dentist as soon as possible.

    Broken tooth
  • Clean the injured area gently with lukewarm water.
  • Place cold compresses at the affected spot ..
  • Make an emergency appointment at the dentist as soon as possible.

    Swelling and gingival abscess
  • Rinse the mouth with lukewarm salt water four times a day ..
  • Take aspirin .
  • Apply warm compresses on the face.
  • Consult the dentist as soon as possible or go to the CLSC.

    Particle stuck between two teeth
  • Try to remove the particle with a dental floss. Do not use a pointed or sharp instrument.
  • If it is impossible to remove the particle, consult a dentist

    Injuries due to orthodontic appliance
  • If an orthodontic appliance or part of the appliance injurs the lining of the mouth, place a piece of wax on the irritating tip.
  • Contact the dentist or orthodontist

    When a dental emergency occurs, get to your dentist the same day or go to the hospital emergency room. Injuries to the mouth can be very serious and involve more than your teeth. Don’t take chances with your dental and oral health.